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Improving Access to Financial Services in Malawi

The Malawi Microfinance Network (MAMN) is a legally constituted grouping of microfinance institutions and institutions that are providing microfinance related services in Malawi. In September 1997, a national Forum on Microfinance was held in Mangochi and that Forum identified a number of factors that posed serious constraints to the development of the Microfinance Industry in Malawi.

Our Objective

To develop, promote and regulate Microfinance activities so as to ensure good governance as a way of ensuring their sustainability and enhancement of their capacities to stimulate and enhance private sector development and be key players in rural and urban economic and social transformation in Malawi.

Financial Inclusion

The Government of Malawi (GoM) recognizes that a more inclusive financial system is critical to the development of the country’s economy. Reforms have been undertaken in Malawi’s financial sector in the past decade; and more recently, innovations have been implemented by various market players

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